Frequently asked questions

First of all you are not bad with art! You just need to learn the basics of the science of art. That is where we come in. And yes, ABSOLUTELY – anyone can learn art… you just need to attend your art classes on a weekly basis and faithfully spend a bit of time each day on the art of learning art!

Please email us at for a full range of our fees. Lessons start from £145 for four lessons per calendar month.

As soon as you are ready! We are open for new intakes throughout the calendar year. You can register and start at anytime. Contact us now at to get started with your art lessons!

You need to work on your art if you intend to make progress. But fear not, as little as 15 – 20 minutes on four to five days is enough to develop the basics. As you develop more passion for art, you can spend more time on a weekly basis!

Our courses are generally set, but we can definitely accommodate you depending upon the time you want to come. Contact us at to find out if we can accommodate! We will always do our best!